Cluttered Rooms.

by County Drop

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released January 3, 2015



all rights reserved


County Drop New Brunswick, New Jersey

To book us, email: or call 848.250.4506

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Track Name: Slumlord
We couldn't stay for long
Just as a mouthful is said again
It's fucking useless
but you're so proud you've come back all unprovoked

You'll spill what little guts you have
Upon the dashboard of your parents brand new Ford
And reflect on all you'll never know
But who have you become? No friend of my own
So play dead until no end

We're turning down your light
Now we shall die here
To lay side to side
As you are all that I fear now again
We're lowered down, right where soil and earth are all I know
The true meaning of alone
Track Name: Senior Citizen
No I’m not like you, I can’t just let go. Breathe in, hopeful, the friends I know stay true. Sing out righteous sorrow and let it roll, let it roll. Go find yourself; you’re still so behind me, drop.

And we don't want this parking lot, so I will set it off. Then shake their hands, your escape planned. Now we are in, so down.

Another year, it seems we found a lot just to never talk about it. We've grown up in a rut and I'll admit it until I'm dead. Take all the fear that one has ever felt and never talk about it. We've grown up, it's been fun, so I'll now bury you in my head. We could me more than "all right".
Track Name: Daisy Pusher
I'm gonna write this town. This time I won't forget how miserable I sound when your voice invades my head. Your best friends are falling out or maybe they just don't exist. Well either way, all of this was me, the bullet in your enemy.

Is it fate who's turned away as we've all grown up? It's straight up sick how such a plague could break us beyond this. Our distance out of here is your substance fear.

I'm shameless, these butterflies are painless but eat me the fuck up inside. You don't know just how bad you taste. Brighter eyes shrunk down what a waste. Last flight no body at your gate. So scream and it's all good, just wait.

As I walk aside, you won't hear my shouting. It's one sick connection. Legends will die, you won't hear my shouting. It's one sick connection.