Building Elephants

by County Drop

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bandicoot 01:35
This game stays so brainless, I can’t wait to end it. These dreams are poisoning my head. Did you think that I could fall short? I’m running all around, yeah what for? Save your face stay social. Above ground, less dirt and more attention. Create your own drama, unfold. It’s quiet, for a phone call home. We’re so off tonight that it breaks me to waste your life. Contain your demonic moment, ‘cause I’m on fire. Go on your own, goodbye. It’s awfully quiet…I know.
On our way, this ride: my killer. I die slow so keep me from ever getting old. Believe me, you’d hate me. Drop it, but can you hold it down? As we move forward don’t be my fallout. Just hear my four words: “You’ve made me crooked”. Could I walk away? Your silence, it killed the pilot and like a pickpocket I’ll stray. Come on, kid, just walk away and keep quiet, this white lion.
extinction 01:25
stay central 02:42
Extinction, breathe it all in as self-destruction. As times killed watch us slip away so silently to some streetlight, a corner stone. There are no pioneers among us now. But do we swim south or north? No. I’ll sink or remain lifted. Stained shirts and scraped knees, no dull day inside our boundaries. “Exhale all your regret” – garden mindset. I know some drop outs, yeah, they’ll keep us company. Bury us here…right here. Yell and show us who you are. I’ve stood my ground so far so move now.
patterns 02:01
Yeah where we lay is not where we had been before today. In horror our eyes had met as I walk aside.
I’m gonna write this down and this time I won’t forget just how miserable I sound when your voice invades my head. Your best friends are falling out or maybe they just don’t exist. Well either way all of this was me: the bullet in your enemy. I don’t wanna love you anymore so stand close as I vomit on the floor, ‘cause I taste you. Go recreate you. And I’m falling down, choking on old words every time you call. I’m shameless, these butterflies are painless but eat me the fuck up inside. So I’ll cave in, send no one off to bed. It’s time to get real. This room stays cold. As I walk aside you won’t hear my shouting, this long disconnection. So I walk aside, you can’t hear me shouting. This long disconnection, it’s so unfair.
bones 01:59
This golden silence separates moments of violence. Triumph creates us and virtuous songs navigate us. Rise again. It’s in our skin, our bones and I’ll hold my own. It is a colder night, so we could sleep all through the summer, keep counting on. Don't wake me for anything, you'll follow me down. For all it’s worth our fossils remain unknown. Fuck what its worth; this hatred is my new home.
rolling view 03:05
We don’t want this parking lot so I’ll set it off. Then shake their hands, your escape planned. They’re all in, so down. Stay stoned; leave me alone to rot away in this living room. Bring on boredom or suffering when my world goes hazy. Lay low in cigarette smoke. Cough cough, my coffins in my head as these trees shall now rot out their branches. We won’t try below your beautiful disguise now we are underground. Consume your VIEW. There's an elephant in the room, now we can hunt him down. Have some heart.
sick boy 02:27
Is it fate who’s turned away as we’ve all grown up? It’s straight up sick how such a plague could break us beyond this. Our distance out of here is your substance fear. Urban nightmares break away and tear. Suburban nightmare, destroy all sickness. Sickness keeps calling. You don’t know just how bad you taste, brighter eyes shrunk down, what a waste. Last flight, no body at your gate screaming “it’s all good”. Just wait and see these people are tainted. I say forget all your hatred. Legends will die out, faces can move on. No point to fight now, it’s been real, so long.
citizen 03:08
No I’m not like you, I can’t just let go. Breathe in, hopeful, the friends I know stay true. Sing out righteous sorrow and let it roll, let it roll. Go find yourself; you’re still so behind me, drop. Where are your convictions? Stray away from all dismay, leave it so far behind. Why not let out what you’re feeling? Where will you be? Why not stand beside me so I can call you out? Call you out. What a world we travel far and around yet I still see the same faces on suburban crowds. And I think back…summertime when we could smell it in the air. But people are growing cold, I’m so aware.
They won’t find me the day we drop out.


County Drop's first ever release


released July 14, 2011


all rights reserved



County Drop New Brunswick, New Jersey

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