You Firefly

by County Drop

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Taller Grass 01:30
And you’ll keep right on shrinking But I know what you’ve been thinking lately And you’ll keep right on shrinking But I know what you’ve been thinking of me And I’m not like you, I can’t just let go.
Yeah, what a robbery Now we are feeding off All of the chemistry Inside a dark garage And as our elbows graze We look upon the front lawn I’ll watch you float away Now with my back against your car It’s all gone above my head And I will try and pull you down I promise it A celebration in this yard You see balloons upon my fence But this place is fucking dead again We’re dead again (and it’s so real) We are...we’re so wrong You were a summer wall...that was built up tall ...And that's all you know This is a rivalry Now I will see you off Give in to history And circle back down Now as our knees both shake I’ll sit upon the front lawn Go on and float away WE ARE SO WRONG HEY THOSE SUMMER WALLS THEY’VE BEEN BUILT UP TALL SO COME DOWN SHUT UP AND LAY HERE FOR NOW OUR SUMMER’S GONE AWAY
Hawthorne 03:00
This chance might become our last Shut up, fall asleep Sorrys, they’ll float you nowhere Come on and drop the routine Your friends won’t write you It’s sad so cry all you want as you fight off our ghosts one by one Ingrained suffering Will follow you...home again AROUND YOUR COAST And I cringe about how You know it’s like a bird Not unlike some plane, yeah The way that you land around A sketch now on the frame And I’m sleeping in I’ll stomach you day to day As you crowd my trip to nowhere It’s nightmarish And I’m circling on again Now tremble…(just like when I held your head then) I am awake as you dream of this day Your golden face May have run away (I AM AWAKE) Traces remain (Swimming pools in your eyes) Now soak the ground where I lay Take flight, you bird
Bike Lane 01:40
And you carried it This burden, with a crooked hand Just don't bury it The frame of your skeleton As you walk aside We're riding by
Capital 03:38
Sit right on back and you’ll laugh here With my fallen friends Oh they were capital, we know So when the sugar cane grass Has gone and grown above our heads Well we can all sleep so well But you said To “wait right here, son” All of your plans to leave Will eat you whole again But you’ll keep draining on I now know my blood is all I own It’s your funeral On a bed side And away we go In a spiral tide YOU FIREFLY You keep burning up so bright Oh and our phone lines One long car ride A safe distance That’s been created in our minds And it’s cold here And I know how we are afraid You’re so right Dead in a montage Oh, I feel an earthquake You’ll never shake them Merely too bold to run away And it’s warmer now I won’t know how we all become just so, alone
Habitat 02:48
We arrive You're never on my mind Are you sick of your home? Well I'm homesick Come caving in Such hollow minds You all have tired eyes If I wait, I'm wrecked for you Your hearts may flood Well I'm running out of blood I can't bare it all You cannibal And now I'll roam Becoming the unknown And you had plagued my head With every cold word Now back to bed Such hollow minds You all have tired eyes If I wait, I'm wrecked and blue Your hearts may flood Well I'm running out of blood Now could you climb my wall? You animal You're as dead as dead has ever been And If I beg for days to end You know I am not a friend You all have tired eyes And if I beg for days to end You know I am not a friend When I could write you off And "Scream Sayanaro" I'll drain right out here Pint by pint You all have tired eyes You're hardly on my mind Oh, how you've grown So sick of your home
A letter wrote up in the trees I’ll roam Delusional in those places you go I’d better hide away, you’re breaking slow Confusion now in what faces you know I’ve fed two ears to watch them seep below One mending heart, put on a show It bled right out just past your tiny bones Too late to call, shapeless I know I know As we stood Aside our reflection Yeah, we stood (ASIDE OUR REFLECTION) Now we stand by your reflection
Sand House 03:32
It’s just some bad news Form of a letter Right where I left you Mid-November And no I can’t bear to hold up This heavy weight of our funeral Your mountain may crumble I hope, you know That sandbox you’re in: Not your home to wreck So go play on You little kid Go walk it off And breathe in salt air...again Sand houses are Where we die young Signal from sea Beds you lay on Come terrorize me all you want and I’ll be fine I’ll wait for good news Upon the shore side You’re building fences Now I won’t recognize Your lonely long face It’s all I think of Yeah that and this place I’m counting on your love


released November 3, 2015

All songs written and tracked by County Drop
Produced by County Drop and Adam Cichocki
Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios.
Assistant Engineer: Augusto Sanchez Jr.
Artwork by Patrick Skolsky

Released by Choke Artist

Additional Guest Vocals:
"Over My Dead Summer" - Pete Davis of Invalids
"Hawthorne" - Tom Etts of In Angles
"Capital" - Gianmarco Felix Guerra-Coletti of Arrows In Her


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County Drop New Brunswick, New Jersey

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